Which is best Forex trading platform for Mac OS in 2020 ?

Forex trading helps you to access and invest in global forex markets. In order to be successful, it is important to consider licensed and regulated brokers as well as a convenient trading platform. This is especially important for beginners but equally vital to experienced forex traders. A forex focused platform enables you to successfully carry out technical analysis and trade successfully on the platform. This is powerful as it makes you a better trader.

The ease of accessing and using a particular forex trading platform is at the helm of any trader. This includes accessing the platform across multiple devices. This could be Windows PC, Mac OS, iOS or even Android. At the moment, there are a few forex trading software’s compatible with all these platforms. However, there are several platforms incredibly compatible with Mac OS. This is a huge relief as most platforms are Windows and web-based. This article will highlight the best forex trading platform for Mac OS.

  • eToro

With an estimated 5 million users, eToro is one of the biggest forex trading platforms. This platform is available for Mac users thus the huge number of users. It also covers all major trading assets. eToro is also one of a kind platform as it is majorly a social network trading platform. This makes it the most ideal platform for beginners in forex trading. Through its simple platform, newbies will easily harness knowledge and experience in forex trading. eToro also features a simplistic design that’s easy to understand and work with. As different traders implement various trading strategies, eToro will be an excellent platform for Mac users to create their forex portfolio.

  • XM


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This is one of the most powerful trading software out there. As a regulated platform, there’s no worry that hidden charges and commissions will be charged as you trade. XM may, therefore, be the best Forex trading platform for Mac OS. This is heavily contributed to the fact that XM uses Mac compatible MetaTrader software. This was achieved by modifying Metatrader adapting it to the specifics of Mac OS. This allows seamless trading on Mac as well as on iOS. XM also ensures that traders on this platform can use both MT4 and MT5 for successful trading. This comes with technical analysis tools, tight spreads, and expert advisor functionality.

  • FOREX.com

Web-based forex trading platforms can be easily accessed through Mac. FOREX.com is such as a trading platform. As one of the largest web-based trading platforms, there are few features that make it outstanding. This includes low trading costs for active traders thus making it a platform of choice for many traders. Another impressive feature is that there are no software downloads thus hectic procedures involving software downloads and updates are eliminated. FOREX.com also offers a wide range of markets thus making it easy to trade in multiple areas. A demo account is also provided once you sign up to this platform. This is vital to rookie traders unsure of the forex market. FOREX.com does not charge any fees on forex trades thus an added advantage.

  • FBS

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FBS was founded in the year 2009 thus a reliable platform. Over the years, this forex trading platform has improved its software interface thus making it accessible to traders on Mac OS. FBS also offers a wide range of support materials including market analysis and trading calculators. These features are priceless to professional traders. A mobile application crafted for iPhone and iPad ensures that traders access this trading platform regardless of their location or time of the day. This makes it a convenient forex trading platform for both experienced and entry level traders.

FBS also runs a demo account contest. This is a great chance for demo account owners to bag one of five prices totaling to $1000. It is, therefore, a lucrative opportunity for beginners trading from Mac.

  • FXCM trading platform

Instant trading and a user-friendly platform are guaranteed when using FXCM. This platform is crafted for people aiming at serious professional trading thus its advanced features. This includes monitoring and alert systems that promptly alert you when the market moves against you. With this platform, you will easily maintain your equity above a set limit thus sound trading practices. This platform can also be available on the go through iPhone and iPad apps. FXCM provides a powerful yet user-friendly trading platform that is a great choice for Mac users. With an easy to understand interface, FXCM will not disappoint.

The five described above are the best forex trading platform for Mac OS. Any of the above platforms will guarantee smooth and uninterrupted trading to Mac users. As these platforms have a wide array of attractive and informative features, choosing any of the above will not disappoint.

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